Wink delays paid subscription deadline by a week

The Verge: Smart home platform Wink delays paid subscription deadline by a week.


It's because they got ROASTED in the forums and I'd like to speculate that someone with a law degree and a dying wink hub probably found justification for a lawsuit, so they're back paddling to avoid the storm. This will not end well.

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There is indeed already a class action lawsuit...

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is it too late to buy a wink and get into the suit?
I want my $1.25 compensation, and the lawyers want their $2,000,000.00


ha ha ha, so so true. Leaches all of them.

This sums it up pretty well:

The general tone from Wink users reminds me of when Blink announced they were blocking access to RBoy’s (unofficial) integration with SmartThings, right before the announcement that Amazon was acquiring them.

Someone on the Blink forum actually threatened to fly to Blink headquarters in Massachusetts with lawyers in tow to file a class action lawsuit. Because that’s how lawsuits are actually filed, I guess :roll_eyes:.

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Wink backpedals on its monthly subscription rollout

Wink announced that it was moving to a subscription-only model earlier this month, but customer backlash forced them to consider.

Did you mean to share a link? That looks like just the headline of an article you found online?

BTW there are a few other threads that have already linked to articles that reported on this development.

Didn't see anything recent in discussion so I posted.

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Latest e-mail from Wink -- note, they're putting off subscription charges indefinitely:

Dear Wink Users,

We want to start this message with a huge and sincere THANK YOU to everyone who subscribed. Wink was in a very rough spot, but thanks to your support, we are able to keep moving forward! It was not an easy decision to switch to a paid service, and we know that the short timeline put a lot of pressure on all of you, but we had no other way to continue the Wink service as it is currently known.

The support we have seen for our subscription service has been incredible. We feel we can extend Wink's free service for the time being, confident that we can set a new start date for the subscription service to begin, giving you all more time to use Wink (subscription-free) whether you signed up or not.

For those customers who have signed up, we want to assure you that the first month's payment has not yet been processed, and we will notify subscribers before we move forward with Wink Subscription.

  • The Wink Team

You'll get it right after we all get that $125 or whatever it was that we were all told we'd get from the Equifax hack and then told "just kidding"

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