Wink blinks

That reads like it was a win, but it doesn’t make sense.

I think it’s far more likely they realised they weren’t getting enough subscriptions and they were going to die overnight from users leaving rather than in 6 months.

It’s a lot easier to create opportunities boasting 1mm users instead of 100k (made up nimbers)

This whole thing has been a panicky mess
On their part


this will lead to a more rapid death of wink, and the bozo that tried to pull this stunt doesn't belong in management. How could you not see users would be extremely angry

they can delay all they want, i already made the switch to HE. the local control and the freedom of apps/drivers/conditional rules already makes it infinitely better than wink imo. they lost me from the first email about a subscription

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Alternatively, perhaps they did actually get a lot of people to sign up, which enabled them to access another source of cash that they apparently needed quite urgently to keep the lights on?

We know there are plenty of disgruntled former wink users here, they wouldn't be here if they weren't pissed about whatever it was Wink was trying to pull.

But we have no clue how many people were ok with the idea of paying 5 bucks a month, even with that initial threat of "give us $5 or we have no choice but to brick your hub in one week!"

Haha! i love the image used in that article

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They lost me after the first subscription email and multiple service interruptions and outages. Fully migrated to HE and love it!!


My Hubitat shipped today. I unplugged my Wink on the 19th and already tired of turning lights off/on. Hopefully won't be too long.

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I purchased HE the last time it was on sale last at $69 but I was lazy and dragged my feet on migrating over. When Wink made their announcement, that was the fire under my butt to get migrated over. I found the learning curve and migration much easer then I feared. I love HE and have no regrets, Except I should have migrated sooner.