Window Shade Cluster

After a long period of using Axis Gear with community drivers without a hitch (loved them), they just stopped working a few months ago without having made any changes that I'm aware of. I finally got around to troubleshooting. Spoke to Axis Gear yesterday. Their engineer questions whether Hubitat supports the Window Covering cluster. I don't know the answer to that question (other than my Axis Gears have always worked before now).

Every time I try to re-pair/configure the device, I get this error message: Unable to send Zigbee message: zdo mgmt-bind 0xD591 0 from zigbee id: 0024460000154880, message type is unknown. The Axis Gear engineer is telling me that " it looks like the Hubitat is trying to go through the configuration process where it tries to set up reporting to the devices. In the behaviour described the device has joined the ZigBee network but is not able to communicate with the Window Shade cluster (0x0102) and will only be able to do so if the hub also has the support for the cluster."

Does anyone know if Hubitat supports this cluster? I do understand that Axis Gear is not a natively support device. But I know for a fact that others in this community besides me have had and are having success with this device, so I'm a bit stymied. I have tried this across 3 hubs and half a dozen Gears, without success. I've even tried it with a virtual dimmer driver, still no joy.

Appreciate any ideas or guidance anyone has.....I'll try anything at this point!

Tagging @mike.maxwell as he usually takes point on Zigbee device integrations...

Unlike Z-Wave, the standard Zigbee HA clusters are all dealt with by the driver code, there isn't any specific hub code support required.
There haven't been any Zigbee changes that should have broke anything that was working before.
In any event, if someone in the US wants to loan me one of these devices I'll work up a driver for it and get to the bottom of this issue.


Now that's a deal I can't refuse. :grinning:

Want to DM me your address and I'll send it to you?

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I took the most recent ST version and ported it over to Hubitat if you want to give it a try:

Appreciate the suggestion, but @mike.maxwell indicated that an official driver will be included in the next HE release (2.2.9?). Pumped.

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