Window Sensor


Hi, Does anyone have recommendations for Window Sensors.

Im not looking for sirens because, Im afraid my dogs would have a panic attack , if it was going off all day



The Newest Samsung are reasonably priced and good quality. They also detect temp, tilt and I think maybe vibration too.


Thanks ..

Are you referring to this one


Yes sir. That’s it.


I've had good luck with these visonic sensors but since the new smart things is the exact same price I'd probably just go with those. I have a mix of smart things v4 and v5 plus many visonic sensors. I've not had any trouble with any of them really.


A bit pricey but these are great if you want something discreet


I have a mixed bag between the Samsung sensors and the Visonic sensors. I have bought the Visonics here for $14.99 a piece.