Will this work?

I'm trying to do the following. If the front door is left open for more then 5 minutes it will notify my phone and send a message to my echo dot.

It will do things, but likely not what you want... I'm not sure the 5 minute delay will ever cancel, as nothing is explicitly cancelling it. Adding cancel to it means it can be cancelled, not that it will.

Try it and see?

The condition in the ELSE-IF is unnecessary, as it's the exact opposite of the condition in the IF. A simple ELSE will do.

I agree. Should work either way, but a simple else is the right way to do it on a binary set of options.

Here is my rule very similar to yours:

Works as intended every time.

Okay I updated to the following. What is the "STOP" part?

The stop in the Repeat every statement?

I had to put that in there because it would never stop repeating without it.

Isn't that the point of the 15 or 2 minutes in there? It will repeat every 15 minutes only.

Also, does the action start all over and start the delay of 5 minutes over again?

That is why the stop is in there. In my scenario it never stopped without adding it.

It will start over again if the door is closed and reopened.

Yes, but without the "stop repeating actions" it would keep repeating every 15 minutes forever. :grin: That type of repeating block only stops when explicitly told to.

Okay, that makes sense.

Didn't know that.

The changes in RM 4 are new to everyone, so no worries.

It is actually simpler when you think about it though.

For repeats without a fixed # of repeats, they repeat until manually stopped (it never assumes when it should stop).

For delays or delayed actions with cancel specified, it happens unless you manually cancel the delay (it never assumes when it should cancel).

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I don't think you need the repeat every 15 minutes, the rule will run every time your Front Door Contact Sensor changes status.

Below is what I use for something similar.