Will this delay my actions for an hour? - is there a better way?

I have a rule that calls this action only rule. I want it to fire no more than once per 30 minutes. I'm trying to do that with the PB - will it work and is there a better way to accomplish this.

I don't see anywhere where you are actually testing the Private Boolean value and not running the actions if it's false. I'd also do this the other way around and set the PB True when you don't want the actions to run because I think the default PB value is un-changeably False and that will be easier in the long run (I could be wrong, but this is what you'll see in nearly every example, so I'll go with that).

With that kind of check, your rule would end up looking something like this:


Excuse my use of random test devices where you have real ones, but hopefully the general structure is clear. :slight_smile: This assumes you want the rule to log the wind speed every time it's called; if not, you can move that inside the first IF (the one that checks the PB) and then it, too, will run only once every 30 minutes at most.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the quick reply. The clip I put up is an "action" only rule. There are four of them - one for 30-40-50-60 miles per hour winds. I have a rule which is a periodic rule that runs every 30 minutes and if the wind is => one of the rates listed it will call that "action only rule" This may seem like extra work, but for me I find it easier to modify rules that aren't too lengthy. Thanks again for your example. I will study it. Still learning.