Will not stop unlocking

Hello. My rule works fine, when someone comes home, the doors unlock / open every time. My issue is, when we are at home during the day, and we decide to lock the door, it will open up again. How do I tell it not to open, when we are at home. I have included my We Are Home Rule.

A couple comments first.

You are going to get a flood of comment how you should not unlock your door based on only a geolocation, so I hope you are combining your geolocation with a wifi presence before the presence in your rules goes true.

You don’t have any repeat statements so you don’t need the Stop Repeating Actions

Next you don’t need the second time comparison after your else. It the first time range is false, then it must fall into the later.

You will only change to night mode when your presence has triggered. Not sure if that was intended.

To answer your original question, if the locks keep unlocking, you must be getting false arrival triggers. It’s the only way the rule will get run.


Thank you

Use a virtual switch and add it as a condition.


If time is between x and x AND
Virtual switch is off THEN
Action 1
Action 2
Turn on virtual switch
End if

On your depart have that virtual switch turn off.

  • you may run into the same issue if your phone is auto departing though. You could allows get creative and only have this switch turn off when you hit a certain gps area.

Thank you, I will try that

And I have never had my door unlock while we both were gone. If it did, then I get a text message saying Someone is home. If that happened, I would just lock it from where I was, and disable the rule, but has never happened as I said. My biggest issue, is it unlocking while we are at home, during the daytime only.

Usually caused by the phones going to sleep or something like that. Check battery optimizations.

Combined presence will help. Try combining wifi presence with something like Life360.

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Thank you for the help

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as everyone else said, team it with a wifi or another presence sensor

in regards to the rules triggering, i think it was in iOS, it will sleep the phone/radios. then when you unlock the phone, it wakes it up. this will cause the new arrival to occur and cause the locks to unlock based on your rule