Will my hub work internationally?

So I am visiting a different country and was showing some of my automations to my friends. Their question was whether they can do this in their country.
Voltage differences aside (110V vs. 220V), are there any other considerations for the hub and the associated smart devices to work? Said differently, if there are no voltage differences for devices to operate, can I just take the hub and some smart devices (hubs, switches, motion sensors etc.) and expect them to work? And if there are other considerations (like frequency etc.), is there a way to know those country specific requirements.

Where are you located now and where will you be going?

Also, are you going to be bringing your devices with you to show them the automations? You're going to install smart switches to "demo" your automations? I would think a video would be a lot easier.


Zigbee uses frequencies in the 2.4 GHz spectrum world-wide. Z-wave uses region-specific frequencies. Your US hub will not control Z-wave devices at frequencies other than 908.42 MHz. So, your US purchased z-wave devices will work fine, but locally purchased z-wave devices may not. It may also be illegal to use North American frequency z-wave devices in that international location.


Thank you! I am actually visiting India (220V), but my family has 110V conversion in the house. Home Automation isn't very big yet here, so if I wanted to do something for them, my best option I thought was to just get them a hub from the US and a few devices. Its good to know the zwave limitations / legalities

An issue with automation in India arises from style of construction and materials used. Internal walls in India tend to be solid and not hollow. Also the materials used are most often brick, mortar, and cement.

This severely limits the efficacy of wireless transmissions to cover an entire residence.

I'm in Taiwan so I know quite a bit. All should work fine except the z-wave thing if you want to be follow the rules. You can buy U.S. z-wave frequency devices on Ali-express to work with a U.S. hub with no problem. Don't let the z-wave frequency police into your house in India though haha :slight_smile:

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