Will Hubitat work with a down Router?

I have a Router that is starting to go bad, its 10+yrs old. I power cycle it and its back up, randomly about once every couple months. I understand my wifi/ethernet devices, Sharptools dash, and Hub mesh to 2nd hub wont work, but will all the Z-Wave and Zigbee devices and onboard automations still work if the hub ethernet connection is down?

Its at a remote site so when it goes down just wondering if my automated security lights still working till I get there to power cycle,

Yes zigbee and Zwave automations and devices will work.


The hub does rely on cloud-based NTP time servers to keep its clock accurate. If the Internet is down for an extended period, the clock will drift, causing any time-based automations to run at the wrong time.

If the hub is rebooted (or experiences a power cycle) without an Internet connection, the clock may be off quite a bit.


That's OK, a minute or 2 time drift wont matter. As long as it doesn't go in some looping error mode.

If the hub experienced a power cycle while the router is out, it’ll be lot more than 1-2 mins :grinning:

Best off putting everything on a UPS, and replacing that flaky router.


Could the hub detect a flakey router and restart it?

I have a Rule that pings every 2hrs and if unsuccessful cycles an Zigbee Sengled outlet off for 30sec that the router and modem are plugged into. Another reason for needing Hub to run automations without a connected IP address.

Flaky router replacement in the future plan. Also sometimes after a couple days of snow covered solar panels the power goes out and when it comes back up the satalite modem freaks out and doesn't connect. The rule should fix that also.

How did you create that rule to ping? Would you mind sharing the screenshot of the rule?

I have something similar, but it’s manual and i set it to reboot my router and mesh satellites with a delay whenever I push a button. Works great but I have to do it manually. Would love to be able to do it automatically like yours.

@Mikeymike88, Using a ping to toggle an outlet:

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You could use the Ping Rule, or you could just plug the router into a Z-wave or Zigbee outlet (not a WiFI outlet) and have it power cycled on a fixed schedule such as every night at 11:00 PM. You just need to set a time when no critical LAN operations are occurring.

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