WiFi triple outlet

Can someone provide instruction on how to setup this device (or if it can be set up) to work on Hubitat?

I currently have it set up on Tuya/Smart Home where I can control each outlet individually

How do you want to integrate with HE? It is not natively supported through a direct integration. Any control would rely on Google Assistant, Alexa or flashing custom firmware.

You can use IFTTT

Thanks guys.. I'm not opposed to flashing or IFTTT.

I tried flashing another device using this method but I could never figure out how to connect it so, I gave up. Also not sure if this device having 3 outlets would be more complicated.

I was also able to add an IFTTT button to my Android phone but, again not sure how to connect it to Hubitat

You'd have to create 3 virtual switches in HE and then 6 applets in IFTTT. One each for turning on and one each for turning off. Then all 3 would be individually controllable in HE.

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Ok.. I think I'm getting close.
I created a Virtual Switch in HE.
I can see my other HE devices in IFTTT but I cant see the virtual device I created

Do you add them to the HE IFTTT app on your apps page?

I only see my other devices on the HE IFTTT app page.
The setting gear on that page only shows my other devices but not the Virtual one and I don't see a way to add it.

Maybe I should delete the one I created and start again?

Oh hang on.. I had to click the list of devices in order to select it.

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I've finally got it working.
I ended up creating an Applet that goes like this.

If the HE Device turns on then the Smart Life device turns on

If the HE Device turns off then the Smart Life device turns off

I had trouble getting my head around the logic and flow.

Thank you, sincerely, for your help