Where are the widgets for Android ? it would be a big improvement...
Widget examples; unlock/lock , arm/disarm, etc..


If you use Tasker on an Android phone, you can make a task that does an HTTP request and create a Tasker Task widget on your phone. Hubitat allows you use a Cloud End Point as a trigger. You will also be able to use voice control with Google asst. Not ideal or local but works great for me to open/close garage door. I learned how to do this on this forum.

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Thanks, let's hope it gets easier.

I doubt making Android widgets is very high on the to-do list (if it is on it at all). Dashboards has always been advertised as the control path.

You can doubt and hate all you want,
But waiting for the app to load is slow.

Welcome to cloud connections

I think it is unlikely that @JasonJoel meant the word "doubt"in the manner/spirit it's been interpreted.

Eh, take it as you will.

I would suggest, though, that if it is an important feature to you you should consider submitting an official feature request to Hubitat support's email address. It would get more visibility than a post in a forum.

Yeah, I do not havw any widgets on my phone, but it is a solution for the HB app.
Here is an example ;
When I am in the driveway coming home from a 12 hour shift. I pull the cell from my pocket and load the app, the app will load and then make you wait another 5+ seconds to switch back and forth for the cloud. Next, open your dash and disarm the HSM and unlock the door.
I can always just use the house key instead.. LOL. A d take a nap while this is going on...
Or carry a fob to set off HB.

I agree that the app is sometimes slow.

I use geofence based rules to lock/unlock some doors and lower my garage door. I'm not comfortable using a geofence to raise it, so I do that using a voice command and Alexa. Alexa will also unlock locks if one so desires. I have a Roav Viva in my car.

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I use geofencing to disarm HSM, and unlock my doors, Kinda the whole purpose of home 'automation'. I rarely ever even open the app as it's not needed if you automate it.

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I really missed the app when I first moved from Wink to Hubitat. I barely use it now - same as you.

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