Wi-Fi virtual switch

I’m looking for a wall switch that I can load tasmota. It just needs to be a virtual type switch that HE can use to trigger a rules prefer something that can be stuck to the wall and I can extend my 3 gang to 4 gang. Wifey want a physical switch to control some smart lights. Any recommendation? I like Wi-Fi because I don’t have to care about distance from the HE hub and I get Wi-Fi consistent throughout the house and yard

I'd strongly recommend you consider a Z-Wave or Zigbee switch instead. Nearly any of them are natively supported by Hubitat, and it's not true that you have to worry about the distance from the hub--both form mesh networks, so with enough devices, you can also have your whole house covered. Using a stock driver is likely to give you a better experience than a custom driver, and using these protocols is probably better than Wi-Fi--one less "middleman" between your switch and your automations, plus a protocol that was designed around (or at least evolved to accommodate) these uses. Being a repeater, it would also help with other Zigbee and Z-Wave battery sensors you may have.

So...I don't have any Wi-Fi recommendations. :slight_smile: My recommendation would be to avoid it and use it only if you already have such a flashable device and would rather go through that effort than get something that works natively. Some clarification might be useful, however. Your title says "virtual switch," but it sounds like you're talking about a real switch. It's also not clear to me if "stick on the wall" means you do or don't want to make that 3-gang a 4-gang (because if you don't, there are options like the cheap SmartThings Button that will work with minimal effort).

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Plenty of options. I agree that unless you are deep into Sonoff, then there are much better options.

Hue Dimmer
Eria Dimmer

In my personal opinion, the best option in most cases
Lutron Pico (Smart Bridge Pro required)

And of course there are many button choices and even some other light switches that are either Zigbee or Z-Wave. This is just a small sample of what's readily available.


I understand about using zigbee and zwave, but don’t necessarily agree with less middlemen. With Wi-Fi and tasmota, your using http and the device is connect to the Wi-Fi AP directly. All my devices are isolated on their own network at this point. I don’t have to worry about repeater. potato potato

I’m not sure how to word what I am looking for. The switch does not directly control a light. I just need it to pair with HE and be able to trigger a rule in RM. the switches I’ve seen have a box behind the paddle switch that wires into your house wiring to direclty control a circuit. I’m looking for a switch that pairs with HE and when you hit it, HE detects and event. Something similar to the Idevice idve0020.

I have a 3 gang next to my patio door and the wife wants a 4th paddle switch to turn on the yard lights. If I can just find a paddle switch that is basically a smart remote and stick it to the wall and replace the 3 gang with a 4 gang cover.

These are what I’m looking for

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Inovelli and Zooz make Z-Wave switches that can effectively just act as remotes if you disable the relay/dimmer. They'll then just send Z-Wave scene events to Hubitat, which the driver interprets as button events, which you can use to do whatever you want. Basically a powered Z-Wave version of the Hue or Eria Zigbee remotes/"dimmers." If you don't care how it looks, the ST button I mentioned above (and lots of similar devices) would also work. Lutron Picos are also a good choice, but the total cost for only one is steep since you need the Smart Bridge Pro or RA2.


If this is my only hue device could I pair the hue dimmer with HE directly or would I still need a hue hub?

The Hue Dimmer can only pair to Hubitat if you want to use it to control Hubitat devices.
"Sensor"-type devices, including the Hue Dimmer, are not exposed to Hubitat via the Hue Bridge integration.

The inovello and zoos is still a smart switch. Looking for something that is surface mount. Basically a remote that talks to HE in a paddle switch form factor.

Ah, yes, then the battery-powered devices that @SmartHomePrimer mentioned sounds like good options for you. The Eria Remote and Lutron Pico would both fit a standard decorator plate. The Hue Dimmer is an odd size that won't (but does come with its own plate you could put next to another if you don't mind the way it looks).

The 2-button Sylvania/Osram dimmer would sort of also work--it can mount on the wall on its own or over an existing toggle or decorator switch. You might be able to stick it directly on the wall in the right spot and still fit a multi-gang plate over it next to other switches. However, it's a lot bigger and uglier than the rest, so it would probably not be my first choice.

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Thanks for your help. Just didn’t know what to even search for on amazon. Everything I found was the standard smart switch