Why would you return to SmartThings?


Peanuts lol.

The world has gone crazy


Any other newer zigbee USB module that supports zigbee 3.0? Maybe HE could allow/offer us to upgrade the sticks, I will get the newer z wave and zigbee separate sticks, of course, with their approval and support. I knew the Nortek stick is old from the day I bought one for Hass.


There are a few out there. ubisys has one, as well as other manufacturers.


Conbee 2.0 as far I know is already used by some staff at HE for debugging purposes only. It's a zigbee 3.0 dongle


Yup that's another one - and readily available via amazon, et al.


But, can I install it to HE hub?


Nope. Hubitat does not give us any other options on zigbee usb adapters at this time.

I would go to my Aeon Z-Stick Gen5 for z-wave + a ConBee 2.0 for Zigbee in a minute if it were supported.

But for now, we need to hold tight until such time Hubitat makes their next hardware announcements.


Why not take lights to a Hue Bridge? I know this isn't a solution for everyone, but I think it might work for many. It's $60 for a bridge. That's got to be the same or maybe less than a separate adapter that at the moment is just hypothetical, whereas the bridge is a viable solution for some at this moment.


The Hue Bridge does have zigbee 3.0?


This is exactly what I was thinking to do.


According to the Hub release notes both v1 and v2 Hubs have support for Zigbee 3.0 capable lights


If it makes you feel any better, I paid $192 for 16KB of ram (that's K with a 'K') for my TRS-80.


Ok, I was a kid when I started with windows 3.1 but I made my dad pay a fortune for a soundblaster card, and an upgrade from the 5.25 diskette, and then an upgrade from the big hard drive of 8mb to 16 I think :rofl:

Good memories with my dad


Ditto here too.. I don't know what stack the ConBee is using, but it doesn't appear to be Ember-based.


Growing up poor made me appreciate older computers.


Correct, the conbee is deRFmega256 based, instead of SiLabs EM3581 based like the nortek.


Yeah, I lived with mom in that time, my parents were separated, my mom is from the top of a mountain and dad from the city (NY by the way), dad had everything but we at home a tv was enough.


I concur with this - I've literally swapped out all Z-wave devices for Z-wave plus in our newly remodeled house (with a constant stink-eye from my partner), and there are still some challenges with the Z-wave mesh (even after following all of the support team's suggestions).

I almost went back to ST - bought a new generation hub from them, got immensely frustrated with that experience and came back to HE. It's certainly not perfect.. I don't think anyone in the company is going to claim that.

It's much more stable for me now (all Z-wave plus, no Zigbee), but, there are still occasional delays of up to 5-6 seconds, which make the WAF drop considerably, because she's sold on the 'everything local for automation' route. I'm hopeful that as the HE team continues to work on things, that the Z-wave protocol stack work will pay off with more reliability.


Do you have any locks or power meters? If so, which ones and how many?


I would like to answer that too

Yes, I have 1 Schlage z wave lock, 2 Aeotec HEM G5 and 1 Iris plug measuring power. Any problem with those?