Why would I run Webcore dashboard on a local RPi?

Should I do this? Pros? Cons?

What made you at least consider it? Over HE's Dashboards or other Dashboarding options?

I can't say I have looked at WebCore's Dashboard solution myself, so can't offer much in the way of any opinion, more so questions.

  • Does it allow for remote access? If so, I would assume you (or at least other people) may need to setup various access through their router to allow this to happen?
  • What's the method of access? Is it via a URL? How do you then make that available on a mobile device? Assuming a shortcut on a phone's home screen...?

They're the one's that immediately spring to mind...

On the Pro you would be able to run the webCoRE dashboard interface if you loose connection to the internet, Another reason if the webCoRE project was to be abandoned. That is the reason I setup for local. Several years ago SmartThings told everyone Groovy was going away and since webCoRE was written in Groovy, well......

Now that Hubitat has incorporated it, and it's accompanying website dashboard there is little doubt on webCoRE going away anymore.

Cons: You loose some ability running the dashboard local, such as the ability to call local endpoints from the internet.

There is some discussion here: (scroll down about 1/2 way)