Why my hub just became unavailable and when i search for it, now It wants me to pay?

I have been using my Hub for a couple of years now, and without any changes to IP, internet service or anything else, the hubitat hub is now unavailable and I cannot get past that message. I have unplugged it and restarted it and still nothing.

Could it have changed IP address?

Could you provide the following:

  • What exactly is the error message you are seeing?
  • What is the LED color on the hub?
  • Does the following allow you to access your hub? http://hubitat.local
  • If the above doesn’t connect to the hub interface, does the following provide you with the diagnostic tool? http://hubitat.local:8081
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To add to what @Sebastien says., you are not required to pay. Remote dashboards are also free. The only subscriptions are remote admin (to do admin functions when not on the same lan) or Hub Protect which is more or less an extended warranty and allows you to back up your radios. Now as far as remote admin, if you set up a VPN or something like teamviewer on an always on PC, the remote admin sub is not required for remote admin. Most people who get the remote admin service do it because it's convenient.

Note: Hubitat IS a computer. Linux based, all 7 layers of networking, re writable storage, nvram, etc...


Use: http://findmyhub.hubitat.com/

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Had an incident yesterday after power cycling my router where two of my hubs didn't show the IP addresses for several hours (cached issue) on the cloud side. Everything else (mobile app, my.hubitat.com, findmyhub were affected). Accessing the hub at known IP address was the only way around.


I do get this error quite a bit while using the mobile app. Even though I’ve setup rules to go to my iot lan, I need to click on registered hubs to pick my c8, with my other old ones below.

The purchase remote admin button is right above the register hubs button.

@bobbyD based on this and one or two other topics I have seen.... does this mean it is something that is an existing issue that is being looked at? Or has is been resolved? (This is not an issue for me that I'm aware of, just asking....)

I don't think it's anything new, but is less than ideal and is currently being looked into improving the experience, as it's confusing to less experienced users.


It was a consistent issue for me until my hubitat ip address changed after the last firmware update. I use the mobile app a lot.

Working well since.

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Just to point out you don’t t HAVE to use the mobile app. You can do everything in the mobile app from a mobile browser (except smart start for Zwave, but you can still pair those devices the classic way). To be honest, I very rarely use the app. It’s just never been quite ready for prime time.

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I keep having this issue as well on a C8 hub. The wifi connection seems unstable. Last night I couldn't access my dashboards, and noticed it was trying to connect to the ip address of the wifi interface and there was no option in the app to default to the hardwired interface. I could access the hub through the tools and then get to the dashboards, but not on the app. A reboot will fix the issue, but it happens all the time.

The Wifi will not work as a failover, so there is not much point in keeping it enabled if you have it connected via ethernet. Just shut off the Wifi on the hub.