Why my hub did not register?

Hi, could someone please help me?

I have just received my new hub and I am also a first time Hubitat user. I managed to see my hub in "findmyhub" which had the IP address given by my router. I then set the static IP address within settings of the Hubitat hub and rebooted. I then tried to register but it did not send me a code. How can I now register it as that link has now disappeared? My account details also states that there are no registered hubs on my account. Also, on the mobile app, it says no hubs found to claim.
Your help and direction will be very much appreciated.

Sorry for the confusion. It sounds like you were able to create and log into your account, so perhaps you received the verification code to successfully create the account. Registering the hub doesn't require a verification code. Simply selecting the Register Hub from the hub's web interface and logging into my.hubitat.com is all it takes to register the hub. It is a "silent" registration, meaning that once logged in, you are redirected to the hub when registration is complete. If you are already logged into my.hubitat.com, simply selecting the Register Hub card automatically completes the process without even leaving the hub's interface. Now, if your hub is not connected to the cloud, the registration process cannot be completed. It sounds like this might be your case. To resolve that, I would remove the static IP and allow your DHCP server to assign a new IP. Once the hub reconnects to the cloud, you can complete the registration. If you are running into any more problems, feel free to send me a private message and will help you get through the registration.


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After you get your registration straightened out, I'd suggest you configure your DHCP server to reserve a specific IP for your hub. This tends to be easier in the long run than assigning a static IP at the hub, and still guarantees the hub gets the same IP address every time.

Many people ask if HE is dependent upon the cloud for operation - no! Unless you happen to use a cloud integration like Alexa. The cloud connection is just for registration. If the HE cloud were to mysteriously become unavailable for 3 weeks you would still be completely functional.

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Thanks Bobby, I think its all sorted now, it took several attempts but it is now registered and I can access on my mobile.

Now for some serious studying and developing.

Thanks again for your response. :slight_smile:


Hi Brad

Yep, all done and static Ip sorted on my router.

Many thanks for your help. T


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