Why isn't there a way to run Custom Actions from Safety Monitor?

When using the safety monitor, intrusion alerts seem to only work with Sirens (ON/OFF) and a few basic actions... I can't seem to do the following actions:

  1. Play a specific sound from Siren/Chime devices at a certain volume
  2. Send HTTP GET/POST to my API
  3. Run/Stop a Rule
    ... and a few other stuffs...

Why is that? What's the design logic behind limiting the ACTIONS you can do in Safety Monitor App.

Furthermore, how is it best to achieve this?
Right now all I can think of is creating a VIRTUAL DEVICE -> SWITCH
and tie that up w/ a RULE + ACTION

And have the Safety Monitor app TURN ON/OFF that virtual switch.... haven't done it yet but seems theoretically possible, right? BUt I can't help but feel things are clunky having to go through these work arounds..

Bruce has stated previously things like feature creep. People keep requesting stuff so how soon does it morph into RM? You can achieve what you want through Rule machine pretty easily.


I understand. but the way i see it, it could at least trigger a RULE on alerts and that opens up so much possibility.

I mean I can definitely just use RULE MACHINE, but the ARMING / DISARMING presets of the Safety Monitor is neat, specially with the delay settings and all.. I dont think it's bad if it looks like a RULE MACHINE on the execution side at least...

So now I'm forced to do work arounds to take advantage of Safety Mon instead of manually programming the same behaviors using RULE Machine.

Without using this type of functionality myself....

I can understand wanting to make a distinction between a purpose-built App like Safety Monitor verses the versatility and ultimately the complexity RM can introduce into someone's setup.

That said, I would also argue that if the transition to including the triggering of RM rules from within Safety Monitor, whether explicitly allowed or indirectly, was managed by the App, rather than workarounds to achieve the same outcome, then Hubitat have an opportunity to inform the user of the implications of what they are attempting to do, rather than relying on the expert advice provided on topics like this.

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As @rlithgow1 said, the usual response from staff is that some apps are deliberately kept relatively simple because many users would find them to be unwieldy if they became as flexible and complex as rule machine based on serial requests from other users.

Having said that, you can certainly make specific feature requests to add to HSM, since they do consider those for all apps, and sometimes add them depending on the details.

But for your needs, why not just trigger a rule machine rule with an HSM alert?

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Ah yes this is definitely another way to do it. Thanks

So now I have 2 ways to extend actions of the Safety Monitor app

A. By having the HSM app trigger a virtual switch that then triggers one or more rules
B. Or have the a Rule get triggred based on HSM Status or Alerts

Still preferred HSM able to trigger a rule directly though! haha

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RM can be triggered directly by HSM events, both Alerts and Status changes.

Available choices:


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