Why isn't Mode Lighting with sunset/sunrise working?

Hi there! One week in with my C7 and having fun! I set up Mode Manager which seems to be working. Unfortunately, Mode Lighting is not. I can switch to RM if needed, but Mode Lighting seems so much easier. Below are some screenshots of both. Any ideas?

Here's my "Garage plug" device, which is a SmartThings Zigbee Plug using the default-selected driver. on/off on the device page works fine. Weirdly, it doesn't work on my Dashboard -- shows up with a question mark.


In case anyone is reading... should I have posted this in the Support forum rather than RM? Still new here...

Post your System Logs (left side menu). Those show mode changes and sunrise/sunset events.

Nevermind that. You are using the wrong app. Mode Lighting is for something else.

Use Simple Automation Rules instead.

So I did that and it looks right but it still isn't working it seems. anti-Turn On is listed in Events, but it never actually turns off.

Is there something else that's weird about this plug? Again, clicking "off" manually on the device page works fine. I turned on "Enable power reporting" at 60W and now I see this in the event log for the device:

Which looks reasonable, although I guess these two halogen bulbs are costing me a TON! Something else to fix... outside of Hubitat.

If those are the Events logs for the device, it is not showing on or off events. What I need to see are the logs for the device, and its events. The former from the Logs page, and the latter from the device page Events button. Need to line up the times with the app logs, to see what the device is doing relative to the app.

Also, if the app turns on the plug at sunset, it should be 'on' now. Is that the state shown on the device page?

Last screenshot above was the events page of the device. Here's the past logs of the device:

And here's the device page itself:

Anyone have any further ideas?

are you at update 147? That solved my sunset/sunrise issues with simple automation.

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Yep, that is the first thing to do/check.

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