Why is this showing the wrong value?

So my freezer sticks in defrost on occasion and I put this rule in. Right now as you can see the temp is back down below the peak of 48.15. Why is %value% still showing 48.15 where the sensor is 26.46 and still falling?

Pretty sure value is generated when the trigger occurs. So, that was the value of the sensor when it met the trigger condition. The trigger hasn't triggered again so the value has not changed.

I think you'd want, in the first line of the repeat, to set a local variable to the current temp sensor reading and use that variable in your notification.

Weird I swore I had it working at one point. How would one get a current value then I wonder?

Edited above. Reading the rule again, I think you'd want that current notification to be the first action to let you know the temp has broke the threshold. In the repeat, you'd want a notification more like "the current temp is now %newVariable%" so that it's more like an update than a "red alert".

I'll give it a try and see what it does when it misbehaves again. Thanks.

Also going to order a ZEN15 to power reset the fridge if I'm not here as that is the way to unstick the defrost mode.

You may want to check the settings for the sensor device. There could be a setting on it that says only send update on x% change or after x time. Make sure those are set in a way to keep it updated in the frequency you want.

Sends on every .5 C change in temp. That's not the issue. I think FriedCheese2006's suggestion will cover it and I've made the changes.