Why is this now not working after last HUB update?

Why is this true at 10:43am??? Sunrise was at 6:47am!!
This was working for years, but I did a stupid thing and updated my hub recently.

If sunrise was at 06:47 then
between 06:48 and 06:47 would be true at 10:43
Wouldn't this be a 23hr 59min 'true' window.

Why is this a stupid thing???
Personally I like to keep up with the latest bug fixes and improvements.


I'm curious why you have your rule between 6:48 and sunrise when sunrise was at 6:47am. That would make it true because the start time is ahead of the end time. If you had your start time at 6:46 then it would show as false.


if you truly want this kind of rule set it to either sunset to sunrise or something like 4 am to sunrise which should work.

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I swear this was working but maybe did not notice the lights on during the day when sunrise was getting later.

In any case, thanks for the insight. I will re-jigger the rule.