Why I'm leaving for home assistant


I did try writing apps and driver code. I had a composite garage door that used multiple sensors + relay to simulate a garage door, and it worked really well. I'm sure some of my RM UI annoyances could be solved with purpose built groovy apps instead.

It's just that once I started putting more and more stuff in the proxy machine, I realised that I could just run HA on it and skip Hubitat completely :wink: . As you said, some of these cannot be programmed around.


I have a VLAN that is exclusively for home automation devices. It is behind a completely separate (and hidden) SSID specifically for security purposes. Guests that join my network are segmented into another locked down VLAN that has specific rules to be able to access Chromecasts, Echos, and Sonos devices on the HA VLAN and that's it. Other than that, there is no crossover to my main network from the HA network, so I don't really worry about SSL or authentication on my HE or other ha devices. Nearly everything that doesn't require internet access is blocked at the firewall and almost all telemetry is blocked via pi-hole.

If anyone were to breach my HA network, they'd be hard pressed to do any real damage as I have nmap running in a 30 second cron and alerting when new devices join any of my networks.

Personally, I'd support HE having SSL capabilities, but in my specific setup, it really doesn't afford me much more security than I have now and would only confuse normal users that don't have a background in enterprise networking (:wink:).

Valid point.


Or proper documentation on the ws://[hubitat ip]/eventsocket. I'd much rather use websockets for event notifications and actions versus MQTT. It takes one more piece of software out of the equation. :slight_smile:

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Home automation should make things easier and less work in the end, Home Assistant seems like it adds much more complexity and work, which kind of defeats the purpose of automating things if you have constant upkeep.

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