Why doesn't this (Day of Week) Trigger work?

I created a rule to turn up the heat and fade up a lamp each morning. I used the Day of Week trigger and set it to one time for weekdays and a later time for weekends. The only condition on the rule is that either of two people are present, my wife or myself. For reasons I have not been able to determine the rule is not triggering.

If I activate the rule manually from the rule screen the actions work correctly. However, it is not responding to the Day of Week trigger. When I look in the event log it shows the rule having worked one time yesterday when I added a switch trigger to test it. But it will not trigger based on day and time.

I'm new to HE and RM so I'm not sure I have the rule setup correctly, and if so, how best to trouble shoot it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Tom G.

I would start by eliminating the weekend part of your trigger, and see if it works. Just change the time to a few minutes in the future. There was someone on here about a month ago with a similir problem, the fix was to seperate it into 2 rules, weekday and week end. You trigger may be looking for both events to be true and they never will be.

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Dump your trigger events and use trigger Periodic Schedule "every weekday at hh:mm pm" and it should work - at least it does on my C7 with current platform. The triggers you have set up do NOT work on my C7.


After you modify your rule, click "update rule", then click on the gear * at the upper right of page. Scroll to the bottom of the "settings page" and look for a scheduled task like this:

That seems to have done the trick! THANKS!

Is there a known bug in the Day of week trigger or did you come across it thru experimentation? I searched the forum and didn't find anything on it.

Now to push the envelope and see if I can add a second periodic trigger for the weekend or if I need to create a second rule...

Yes, there seems to be a known bug with Day of the week.
By the way, your conditions are not doing anything at the moment - just having them listed in the conditions won't cut it. They are only listed there for your convenience when setting up the actions, but by themselves, they are ignored.
You have to add an IF using the condition at the beginning of your actions to have the condition be checked.

Conditions are ignored... WOW! Not to take shots at RM but that is less than thrilling to hear!

My ST to HE move was more based on not being cloud dependent than on RM. RM was not a deal maker for me, more of a bonus. I figured I could always go back to WebCore if needed. But, the simplicity of the RM interface did seem appealing. Appealing that is, until I find that I am keying in things that do nothing...

I hope that Conditions input issue is on a bug list as well. Do you know if the Hubitat team maintain a bug list that we can see anyplace?

I get that bugs will always exist and that it takes time and proper prioritization to manage them. It would be nice though as a user to have visibility to them ahead of time rather than running face first into them as I setup my hub.

Thanks for the added info and sorry for venting.
Tom G.

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I think you misunderstood what @MrPancake said. It's not as dire as you think. In order to get your conditionals listed at bottom to affect your rule, they needed to be inserted into the Actions above. I admit it's a little counter intuitive.

So for your rule, insert an Action at beginning of your rule, choose Conditional, then If-Then (not Simple), and the following drop-down should give you the option to select the Conditional you already created.

EDIT: And don't forget to add an END-IF


Exactly, it's not a bug, it's just a bit counter intuitive, but once you know that's how it goes it's pretty simple


Thanks for the clarification.

Patience is a virtue and I guess I wasn't so virtuous yesterday :slightly_frowning_face:


is that always needed, or only "mid process?" do I need to add one here:


(and that's the entire rule)

I'll defer to those who know RM for the definitive answer. But, in general most programing or scripting languages that I am aware of require an End-If. Absent that the code either hangs or crashes. Again, not sure about RM but for other languages it's typically required.

the rule does work reliably, FWIW. and yeah, this also reveals my weakness as an actual coder, LOL!

It's not needed, RM presumes the end if

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