Why doesn't my ELSE-IF work

This simple rule4 routine only speaks the first line and skips all the rest even though the 1st else-if is TRUE. C4 on the latest platform.

what are you using for the app for speaking.. if alexa you cannot have them speaking that close together it fails.. if so add delays..

what do your logs show.

I'm using Google minis. They work fine in all my other routines, just this one is not do what is expected. I'll check my logs, with everything turned on and see what it shows

What are the action lines?

it shows which are skipped or not.. shows 2 firing.. you need more logging .. for each device to see if there were errors.

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Thanks for the help - I added a time delay after the first line and that fixed it. Apparently subsequent lines to speak are not added to a que, they get discarded if the first line is still speaking when the second one wants to talk, or they are trying to do both speak commands simultaneously. In any case you fixed it - thanks.

Don't know about your question, but your code leaves "holes" between 32-33 degrees and 49-50 degrees which is not a good practice. Suggest you change them to <33 degrees and then >= 33 degrees. etc. This covers all possible temperatures.

thanks Dean