Why does this rule not work?

I have a switch called "DWH" that I have a Triggered Rule schedule to turn on 5:00 AM on weekdays and 8:00 AM on weekends, if the virtual switches Vacation & Holiday are off. It works perfectly.

I have a second Trigger that when DWH turns on, it is supposed to turn it off after a delay of 60 minutes. This does not run.

Why not? Here are the relevant screen caps from Rule Machine:

This one works:

This one doesn't work:

Maybe make the second rule a 'Rule'.

Select Conditions.
DWH is on.

Define Rule.
DWH is on.

Actions for True.
Delay 60 minutes
Turn off DWH.

Or you could add the delayed off 60 minutes to the Select Actions for False of the first rule (unless you need this as a trigger to be used for multiple rules.)

Need it as a trigger for other things. For example, if I turn on the switch using Alexa or the Dashboard.

Not sure if you might have rules conflicting each other, but you might try this then.

On your second screenshot trigger change from DWH on in the select trigger events to this screenshot rm1

Also check the logs to see if it logs being fired and if it gets cancelled by another rule

No!! This won't change anything. Both the trigger and the rule are fired by the exact same event.

@aaiyar All of the suggestions above are misleading, and not getting to the real issue: Why doesn't your trigger work. It certainly should work! Have you looked at the logs? The DWH 60 mins max Trigger will log the events it sees for DWH. So that's the place to start. Also, look at the device events for DWH. What kind of device is this?


Well - it worked this morning just fine. So I'm not sure why it didn't trigger yesterday.

Also, the device is a zwave outlet (leviton).

I've always wondered why all I could find was "between two times" and not at a certain time, I was always trying to create a rule, I never looked under "Create a Trigger" for it. Thanks.

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