Why does Room Lighting turn on my lights for no reason?

I don’t get why Room lighting is randomly turning on my kitchen / dining room lights? It never did this before I migrated from ML to RL.

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Dumb question, have you checked Alexa hunches?

Honestly, I don’t even know what they are.

There’s a reference in the logs to illumination but I’ve no idea what’s up with that, I don’t have any settings turned on for illumination based activation.

It sure appears that the Dining Room Illuminance sensor is reading a value of "1", which is below the 100 threshold that you have set as a trigger for the lighting.


But I don’t have this configured, at least I didn’t in Motion Lighting before I ported this over.

It sure looks like you do... :wink:


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There’s no way to unselect this sensor from this section. If you try, it puts it straight back.

It sounds like you may have migrated an existing Motion Lighting automation to a Room Lighting automation. Is that correct? If so, maybe try simply creating the Room Lighting automation manually, and see if that resolves the issue?

Or, just keep using your old Motion Lighting rule... I have not bothered to try the new Room Lighting app yet, as everything is just working. I am in the "If it is isn't broken, don't fix it" camp. :wink:


If you can reliably reproduce this issue, I would suggest reporting it to @bravenel so he can take a look at it. Room Lighting is still fairly new, and I know Bruce has been squashing bugs pretty quickly as users report them.


Correct, and I didn’t have any lux based config in it.

Tbh I don’t like Room Lighting at all, I think it’s trying to be far too clever and is rather unintuitive as a result.

I’m moving my sensor lighting rules back to Motion Lighting.

Cheers for the assist. :sunglasses:

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lol, just found the problem, there must be a bug that selected this setting as part of the migration (I disabled it before taking the screen shot):


Not a bug, you selected a room and when you do that it auto-populates some "suggestions". If you import from ML you may not want to also select the room afterwards.


Ah good to know. Cheers.

Did you miss this part?


I did yes - I found RL is a fair learning curve, and it is easy to miss things when not familiar with it.

Now that I have it working as expected for my Kitchen / Dining Room automation, I'm happy with it. But I'll stick to ML for simpler sensor automations.

You can import any ML instance into Room Lights and get the same automation without extra effort. Making changes to Room Lights is certainly easier than in ML.

That's why I was surprised I had issues - I used the import function to move the automation in my 1st post to RL.

You didn't show the original ML app. That would be helpful, to see if something was wrong with the import.

If you could post that screenshot, and also the Settings portion of the App Status page, that would be helpful.

No worries, here's the JSON I backed up:


lol, after some more experimentation think RL is an acquired taste, I’ve found a couple of more complex scenarios that it’s better at. However, I’m sticking to a ML for the simple lighting automations.

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