Why does my motion lighting app spam the switch on button?

Anyone has any idea what's going on? Every single time it repeats the action 3 times. I only have a very simple rule here:

My guess would be that you have a weak mesh or there is interference near the device and it isn’t responding quick enough so the command is resent.

That would be extremely odd, the light switch is literally below my hub like 20cm away. My hub is above a door and the switch in question is below it. How do I find the possible interference?

D*** at 20cm the hub can almost reach out and flip the switch manually (can a switch be too close to the hub?). As far as interference I normally look for something that either is intended to generate a signal (another hub, router, etc.) around the same frequency or a motor or some other electrical gear that may be running and creating an electrical disturbance. Probably a more scientific way but I usually start by turning everything off, and then bringing things back online 1 at a time (old school guy here :sunglasses:).

It's not the app doing it, it's the device. Look at the app logs to confirm.

Thanks, I just checked and it's the device, I got no idea what I can do about this. It's not harming anything so I guess I'll leave it alone.

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I have the same issue with some switches, it’s a little annoying in the logs but works all the same :man_shrugging: