Why does Ecobee Integration app keep losing its authentication in Hubitat?

Is this due to a time limit on Ecobee's authentication token, a Hubitat setting or something else?

Do others experience this? I know that Ecobee has more than a tolerable share of Cloud outages and bugs in their iOS app, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's their problem.

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What are you going by to establish lost authentication? Do you have to out your credentials in repeatedly or are you just looking at the past logs when it renews it's token?

I have to frequently put my credentials in. I can't say what the time frame is, maybe every couple of weeks or if there is a hub update.
I notice it because I have a dashboard that reads the temperatures and humidity of my various sensors including Ecobee. After some interval of time I notice that the Ecobee readings no longer reflect current data. When I go into the Ecobee Integration app it is disconnected, so I have to login again.

I was having this problem before I realized that hubitat was unable to sync ntp time due to restrictions imposed by my ISP. Once I worked around the ntp issue, I've never seen the problem again.

In recent days, I've had this problem at least once each day.

Respectfully, the native Hubitat support for Ecobee is not very robust, and it does not recover from many failure modes exhibited by the Ecobee API Servers.

If you are interested, you may wish to try my Ecobee Suite, which is far more reliable and offers many, many more features and capabilities. It is free, and you can in fact use it alongside the native support to see if it handles things better for you (or not). You can learn more about my Ecobee Suite by clicking here.

FWIW, I have offered to help the Hubitat staff make their Ecobee support more robust, and the offer still stands.