Why do I have multiple (30+ each) "Maker API" & "Preference Manager" & "Thermostat Controller"?

I moved from Wink to Hubitat C7 a couple months ago and absolutely happy with it. When I went recently to work in the Apps area I noticed I had 30+ each of the "Maker API" & "Preference Manager" & "Thermostat Controller" apps in my app area. I started my hub life on 2.2.5 and have only been on that firmware. What's up with that?

The Maker API all point to items on the Hubitat's IP space.[Device ID]?access_token=XYZ

The Preference Managers don't have anything actually set in them.
The Thermostat Controllers also don't map to anything.

I do have an Ecobee63 with 6 temp sensors connected to it but it shows up correctly as the Ecobee Integration by itself.

If you went to Apps > Add Built-in App that many times for each, that could explain it (but if not, it's very odd). Preference Manager pretty much resets itself after every use, so you won't see much inside even if you had used it, and it should probably be one of those apps that only permits a single instance to be installed but doesn't for some reason. Maker API doesn't do anything on its own unless you've hooked it up to a third-party integration, which will usually ask for some of the information you can get in the app (app ID, URL, access token).

Anything you don't use can be removed: open the app and hit the red "Remove" button in the lower left (or look for a "Remove" option in the rare app that doesn't have one of those--generally ones with more complicated setups that want to spare you from easy accidental removal).


@leith.tussing might also want to do a soft reset just in case something is weird with the database. That is NOT normal..


I for sure didn't add any of them. My setup is fairly basic with just some zigbee/z-wave items, my Ecobee3, and Rachio added in with a couple simple rules. I've never added any of the 3 items myself.

Actually I noticed there are a ton of other apps added I did not add. I had not locked down the web interface to a user password yet since I'm the only person in the house and was still figuring things out. I also run a Nessus security scanner, I bet it scanned those pages and added empty devices... Password locking the admin and we'll see if it stops after removing everything.