Why do devices not add to dashboards automatically?

I see so many people being instructed to 'add it to your dashboard list, then you can add it to the dashboard'. Why? Just add all devices to dashboards and let users select what they want! If this is a security issue, I'm really missing it. it just seems like a PITA.


Because the hub has to process all those values of things that don't matter. It could be a virtual switch that is used in a rule. It could be a device you simply don't care to display. It could be anything. Everything in your devices tab (and maybe things like some rules with variables?) would be subject to being polled. And that slows the hub down. And is just plain unnecessary.

In short, it is a very bad idea to do this, and it has always been recommended to only add the things you need on a particular dashboard. And luckily, we have control over what goes on a dashboard unlike other hubs. Some hubs force you into displaying certain things, wanted or not.


you could select all for the dashboard, but depending on how many devices you have, it might impact your hub performance

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For the benefit of those who are new, reading this in the future, or just weren't around when this happened: This was an option at one point. It caused so many issues that the option was removed.


it's been removed? o wow, i'm still on 2.2.6 so i still have it. i should update, shouldn't i :laughing:

My understanding was that there is a security consideration here as well. It is undesirable to allow addition of previously unreferenced devices in the context of editing a dashboard (which is a different security context versus provisioning a new dashboard). Perhaps I'm wrong.

By the way, you can still toggle on access to all devices that exist at dashboard creation time. Maybe there was a time where this provided access to new devices added after the dashboard is created, and it is that feature that is no longer available?

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Interesting - thanks for the responses.


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