Why did mode change failed to trigger simple rule?

I have a simple rule, which turns on night light, and in morning turns it off. I see that today morning, the light did not turn off in morning. Any thoughts on why the rule did not trigger today morning to turn off the light?

My Rule:

Log showing that the mode changed to Day, but then nothing happened to turn the light back off:

Filtered Rule log, showing that it correctly turned the lights on...but not to turn it back off

System log showing mode change:

Is this something that has been working and then stopped working?

Did you hit "Done" in that Basic Rule app instance sometime while it was waiting for mode to become Day? If so, that will "reset" some things and require a change to Night mode again (your first action) before anything else will happen again.


Yes, had been working nicely

I did not know this can happen. I am not sure if this is what happened here, but is definitely a possibility. I will continue monitoring.

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