Why are my lights turning off?

I have motion lights setup, i THINK it is becoming a bit complex and somehow, now when I turn on the lights.

In below logs, if you see at 8:26:33 the lights finished turning on....but them somehow at 8:26:38, the scene which turns on the lights t o 100% automatically turned off.


Motion Lights:

What is "Basement full lights," the device (not the app name, which this also appears to match)? That is configured as a device that will turn off the lights turned on by this Motion Lighting instance when that device (Basement full lights) is turned off, and it might be what caused this. That part isn't clear from the logs (not sure what "indicator" means unless it's part of a device name, or is it an attribute name?). If it's a group, keep in mind that member devices may affect its on/off state based on your settings in that Groups and Scenes group app.

"Basement full lights", is a scene. I have provided is screen shot in original post. It just sets two dimmers to 100%.
I think the "indicator" is Hubitat's way of saying that the scene status is changed?

Do you use Alexa? I had this problem some time ago, it disappeared after I disabled Hunches at the Alexa app.


Yes, I do use Alexa.. will check my hunches settings. Thanks... Did not think about that

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You might be on to something here. Will try disabling that part tomorrow.

+1, I was bitten by Hunches. Annoying as ■■■■.

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