Who wants a freeish wink relay freeish

I replaced mine today. It works. Just pay shipping. Reply here and I’ll send it to a reputable community member. I’d LIKE a ha trade in return but I’m not bent on it.

Looking for a hue color bulb
A raspberry pi
A smart button
A smart plug, I really like the zooz one

If you feel like sending me something back ,great, if not, great

Hello, do you by any chance still have this?

I do

Great. do you know how much for shipping?
What smart button do you have in mind? I have an aqara WXKG11LM or a Samsung Button(the latest one)

I'd like to "help" you get rid of it

Sorry, was away, would you need the box etc

I've never heard of that before, it looks like a pretty slick setup!

Do you want one? They're not bad. I think I have an extra (rooted, too!) one sitting around for free-ish.

Wow, I appreciate the offer, but I don't think I'd have a use for it at this point. Thanks though!

Rooted, that's up my alley. What's the asking price?

Sounds good!

I've usually sold them on eBay for $60-$100, and it looks like they're around $50, now.

So, $30 total for you (You could just ship an Inovelli out-of-box switch and I'd be stoked). That includes shipping. I am clearing my shelves off :slight_smile: I'm willing to work around that, too.

Actually, I’d be willing to make an even less-expensive deal that both you, me, and the community would benefit from :slight_smile:

Earlier today, someone pointed these out to me:

I’d only need one or two to test and write a driver for—though I get the feeling the drivers currently out there already work.

So, my offer would be you keep two that you can use with your hub, you get a Wink Relay in-box, and I’ll develop/test the driver with the other two :slight_smile:

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