Who keeps a backup hub on hand if theirs dies?

Was thinking of this the other day when my hub went offline (red light) overnight the other day after the latest f/w update.

With the global mail system currently under stress, I was wondering that it might be a good idea to get another hub as backup in case mine dies. I have backup devices for those that run 24/7 like my network gear.

With more of my house slowly becoming dependant on HE it would be a disaster if it failed!

For a device you anticipate running for years maybe it would be a good idea to have a spare on hand. You might want to activate it though just in case. Hopefully they will have a way to migrate things before you need it.

I have 2 C4s that are my "production" hubs so I can theoretically switch over to a C5 with an OTG cable and "restore" from an external backup if needed.

edit: I have 3 C5's - 1 as "a control" hub (not using radios) which is seeing a lot less use these days and 2 spares.

I have a spare C4, still in the box.

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The "development" hub is always available to be pressed into service. I'm a huge believer in "hot spares" for vital equipment.


Interesting, how would you restore the z-wave database? or are you thinking the nortek stick would still be functional?

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I have not tested this but others have. The C5's can still use the Nortek stick attached via an OTG cable - the European C5 hubs also have external sticks with internal radios disabled I believe. Since all the data is on the stick a restore simply puts the rest of the config on the hub per usual.

The staff at HE seem to have mixed feelings about this though due to extra failure points and the possibility of a future migration tool (nothing confirmed sadly).

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Have a C5 main hub and a backup C5 hub registered and updated, but nothing running on it.

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Crap, I didn't even think of this.
I have been waiting for new hardware to come out to justify this and turn my existing one into a Dev/Backup device.


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I have 4 hubs...

1 (main home hub where everything goes)
1 (lightify only hub, because they suck at mesh)
1 (development hub, where I do my hardcore coding)

1 (main hub) just because.. right now it runs 4 lamps and a switch

so at anytime in a pinch any can be swapped out.. But this is unlikely as I have all 4 on battery backup systems..

But for those that don't have multiple hubs.. a backup hub is not a bad idea..

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Braggart.... :rofl:



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Speaking of buying another... Just noticed Hubitat is AWOL on Amazon. Did I miss a memo?

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Amazon has some strict re-stocking rules right now because of COVID.. Unless it's "home essentials" it will have a long wait..

You can order from the hubitat store

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Ahh yes... that.... I knew that. :roll_eyes:

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Hubitat is still listed on amazon.com



Wow.... good news! I did a search earlier and no Hubitat thing appeared. There were other "hubs" in the returned list but not yours.

Amazon had a glitch with our listing.

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I thought you were messing with me. :joy:

Good thing I said something, yes?