Who has fortrezz water meter / shutoff products?

Hey everyone,

I am thinking of investing into the fortrezz water shut off value and flow meter. I am curious who all has this and what do they think of the product ?

Can you make the water flow work with out hooking up to zwave ? my plan is to hook it up to HE, but want to know that it will work with out hooking it up to a zwave controller

When looking at the shut off value online, it looks like it has to be plugged in, does anyone know if it has back up power like a batter inside of it ?

I was thinking of this line of product of leak defense. Looking forward to anyone's feedback

I just purchased these for my home. I have the shut-off's hooked into Hubitat but I haven't finished setting up the flow meters.

The shutoffs run on 12v. I plan on just cutting the cord and splicing on a standard 12v barrel connector to plug into a 12v battery backup.

The flow meters can definitely be used without Z-wave. They are just regular water meters with all of the normal water meter dials on them. The only thing that makes them Z-wave is a sensor that sits over the 1/10th gallon dial and counts every time the 1/10th dial makes a full revolution. (So it sends one "pulse" for every 1/20th gallon used).

The thing I haven't yet figured out is how to set up the flow meters in Hubitat.


Have you had success configuring the Fortrezz Flow Meter FMI into the Hubitat environment? I have not been able to get the Flow Meter integrated into the Hubitat or new SmartThings environment. I have the power meter in SmartThings.

Does anyone have a functional device handler for either environment?

I haven't had time to spend on it yet. I'm hoping to get around to tackling it this week. I'll report back once I do.