Which roller shutter for window curtains? Fibaro roller 2, 3 or?

We're renewing our house and I would like to automatize our curtains in the new window.
First of all, I've understood that I can't use a remote controlled roller because this would deny the possibility to join it within the hub.
Now that I know which type of controller (switch) for the curtains I need, I was looking for a device that is supported by hubitat.
Bere comes my question: there are 2 devices from Fibaro, the roller shutter 2 and 3, which look supported, but I also see some problems here in the forum. So, which one would be the best option between the two? Or, are there better roller shutters (I live in Europe)?

Note: I'm not going to mount real switches, the design of the kitchen looks much more clear without. I can have access to the device (given that I'm going to build everything from the ground) if I need it and I'm planning to use a sort of remote connected to the hub to control the curtains by hand, if needed.

Fibaro FGR-223 is the newer module and thus preferred.
No official driver but a good enough comunity driver.
I have about 15 of them installed.

Super, thank you very much!
Just to be sure, you mean the roller shutter 3, right? Because online I find also "double switch module".

Roller shutter 3 is FGR-223
Double switch is FGS-223

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