Which generic z-wave switch/outlet/etc driver to use troubleshooting z-wave multiple logs for single event

I have been trying to track down a weird z-wave multiple logging issue. A suggestion I read on one of the many existing topics was to make sure you are using the right drivers, which I was sure I was doing... until I checked.

For devices like switches/switched outlets I see the following 'generic' options:
Generic Z-Wave Plus Outlet
Generic Z-Wave Plus Switch
Generic Z-Wave Smart Switch

My Devices In Question
EcoNet Bulldog Water Valve
JE/Gasco Outdoor Outlet/Plug
Leviton Plug-In Outlet Switch
GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Switch (hard-wired)
GE/Jasco Z-wave Plus Outlet (hard-wired)

Same question ultimately applies to Generic Z-Wave Plus Dimmer vs Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer...

I also removed my last non-Z-wave Plus device from the network (40A GE/Jasco Outdoor Switch), but am still seeing multiple logs for single event across various devices. I am not sure how long this has been going on, as most of the time it doesn't matter/affect anything.
Recently I added the ZEN32 to my network which has the large button I use for a toggle with Button Controller, when I get multiple/spammed messages from this device it causes my light to turn off/on/etc which isn't acceptable.

I don't see an explicit question stated, but I assume you're hinting that you want to know how to check if the driver you're using is the recommended one? If so, the only way to do that after pairing is to compare your devices (brand/model) to the Compatible Device List, which also includes the recommended built-in driver. (During pairing, a device should choose the correct driver--though in rare cases it may find something that isn't a good fit at all if the device has an odd "fingerprint" or the drivers were written against a different one, which sometimes changes with device firmware updates and whatnot. So if you didn't manually change any, you're probably on the best driver--though some of the generic "Plus" drivers are newer than others and may now be recommended over their plain counterparts for Z-Wave Plus devices.)

Also, I'm not sure what you mean with "log entries," but I'm guessing you mean "info" logs, which normally correspond to Hubitat events for the device (this is the kind of logging that stays enabled indefinitely and is enabled by default). Perhaps you've already been asked this in other threads, but turning on debug logging to see what messages are actually coming in from the device and how they're getting parsed by the driver may also be good to do (but keep in mind that, by convention, debug logging auto-disables after 30 minutes). Also, for events, the "Events" tab/button on the device page is the authoritative source, even though info logs should show the same information--but just in case you're getting the log without an event, that might be good to check, too.

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Exactly, thanks... Definitely scatter-brained after my day of troubleshooting.

Haven't tried this yet, but will look into it next.

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