Which driver for Dogain (ewelink?) Zigbee Smart Color Bulb?

I bought these Dogain Zigbee Color Bulbs:

Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs E26 A19 Color Changing Light Bulbs 868LM Dimmabel Multicolor Work with Alexa Google Assistant 2 Pack (Hub Required)

Which drivers should I use for them? I was able to connect it to the Hubitat. And i can turn them on/off/flash. But I can't change colors at all.

One of the reasons I bought them is because reviews said they can work with Hubitat: "Amazing. Works perfectly with hubitat".

I've tried the following drivers:

  • Advanced Zigbee RGBW Bulb
  • Advanced Zigbee RGB Bulb
  • Generic Zigbee RGB Light
  • Generic Zigbee RGBW Light

I also tried it in the device settings (chainging hue, color, etc) as well as assigning to a dashboard and trying to change there. No luck.

If those are eWeLight ZB-CL01 bulbs, then they should work with Hubitat. Try using the "Generic ZigBee RGBW Light" driver. Make sure that you click Configure after changing drivers.

I posted a short review of the bulbs using that driver here:

Yep! Those are the ones! And once I hit Configure, I was able to change Hue/Saturation/Levels.

Some functions still seem quirky though. I'll report in that thread.

Same bulb here and did as instructed. With the advanced driver only “on” and “levels” respond. With the generic driver proposed I can only turn it on or off and nothing else. No color or temperature whatsoever. Any other ideas?

Got some of these bulbs and managed to get the generic zigbee rgbw bulb driver in and configured. But was only able to use them by using the device page which controlled the bulbs in all colours and brightnes plus on and of, and by use of a basic rule. When trying to use a motion or mode rule they would not work at all. Have given them up as a bad experience.

If you have a Hue hub, try connecting the bulbs to it instead of Hubitat - then control the bulbs via the Hue Bridge Integration. I have some 'tiny' dogain bulbs that behaved as you described - I could never find a driver that worked. Hue does.

Just had a breakthrough, in my motion rule i set the rule to turn on as a switch but named the bulb as the device and it now works fine. I was telling the rule to turn on as a bulb and it would not work. It only twigged when I could use the bulbs in a basic rule which set the device as a switch.
Happy Days and thanks for the suggestion