Where to handle Smoke Detectors?

Good day,

I cannot find my smoke detectors anywhere in HSM. I have a DSC FSA-410BST which is a smoke detector and heat detector with 4 wires to it, +, -, NO and COM. So when I set it up in Konnected I set it up as a smoke detector, then I go change the normal state to Normally Open instead. Then I go to HSM but cannot find the smoke detector anywhere to set it up as part of the alarm when away, arm home, etc. By the way SharpTools cannot see it either.

I have also tried the same smoke/heat detector as a open/close contact and it shows always open which is expected, so even reversing the state to normally open doesn't change its state. Sharptools and HSM rules can see it and can be set up but I cannot arm the alarm because it thinks a contact is always open for that heat sensor which has a normally open state.

Please advise.

Smoke and CO are a seperate category in HSM and not part of away, home, and night:

Nice, I guest I didn't it was right there on my face.

Thank you so much.