Where is the Z-wave Firmware Update button located?

Good day all, I am running a C-7 with 2.3.2 F/W
I am a bit confused on the Z-wave update button and whether or not it disappears after the hub is on the latest and greatest z-wave firmware. I noted the button on the top right of the page and took that as it meant that my hub had a z-wave update for it. I selected it and then the webpage indicated it was doing something in the background and refreshed and the update button was still there. I was under the assumption that the Update button is only displayed when there is an update available and if that is the case it appears not to be updating them. I will check the version when I get home once I find the command.
Am I incorrect in my assumption?

Thank you

Yes, once the z-wave firmware button is gone that means your hub has been updated to the latest version of the stack.

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A common mistake, but...that is not the button. :slight_smile:

See here for what it would look like, though as noted above, if you don't see it, then you're already up-to-date:



Ahhhhh Haaaaaaa!!
LOL got it, so yeah the "Firmware Update" is the one I should be concerned with.
it has been a bit since I was on the that page, Thanks for clearing that up.
mark this as Solved!!

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I am thinking that if those fields (Zwave region, Zwave status and the Update button) had a grouping box around them, it might be more obvious that Update button was pertaining to the region and status rather than to Update the Zwave firmware. I've actually made that mistake twice now! :roll_eyes:

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I'm hoping they add firmware revision to the hub details page.

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Well, it appears I am not the only one who got confused and at least that takes a wee bit of the sting off.
Perhaps the Z-wave version could sit where the button will appear if you require an update.
If you dont have an update waiting then F/W ver XX.XX.XX is shown but if you need an update or one is available then the button covers over the present F/W version. Once update is complete, update button hides and F/w ver is displayed. Just spit balling here.

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