Where has my Hub gone?

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I just received my Hubitat last night - I set it up and practiced getting used to the differences by porting over one of my more popular device handlers from ST. So far so good - esp love the proper button implementation.

However, today I wanted to continue working on setting everything up - and so I went to portal.hubitat.com, signed in, and the hub is not there. It says make sure you are on the same LAN.. which I am. I can't seem to get it to show the hub.. what can I do?

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Actually - you can ignore the above - I looked in the history and found the IP address on the network - so now I'm back in - but now I'm keen o understand how I get remote access to the hub?

You cannot connect to the hub for admin duties remotely unless you setup a VPN or open access via port forwarding. Don't do the 2nd. This by design for security.

You can access control of devices via a dashboard you setup using the built in dashboard app or 3rd party apps like HousePanel or sharptools

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Also, even if you have a VPN to your home network, unless the VPN is configure to tunnel all traffic through your home which is not normally the case, when you access portal.hubitat.com it will detect you are not on the same network and the hub will not be displayed...

Just set a DHCP reservation in your router and connect to HE by IP. Of course you will still need VPN for remote access.