Where Did I Go Wrong

Trying to make a program that uses (3) three sensors. Works sort of, but not really efficient. Can anyone see where it can be done easier, and actually work.

Others will likely have better ideas, but if nothing else, I'd at least try enabling this option in the rule:

Ok thank you, I will click that off

Without a description of what you want the rule to actually do, it is not possible to provide any suggestions. Can you share that information and anything else that might be helpful?

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Sorry. I have a robot lawn mower. I have 3 sensors. 2 Sensors are in the direction of the robot going to the front yard. The 3rd sensor is in the front yard, and is used when it comes home. So Sensor 1 & 2 if triggered opens gate. If sensor 3 is triggered, when the robot goes back home, and goes by Sensor 1 and Sensor 2, that part of the routine, would not be executed. Hope tat explains it better.

If I’m reading your actions correctly, it looks like you only want something to happen if motion sensors 1 and 2 are both active but motion sensor 3 is inactive. I think you could greatly simplify this rule by making that your trigger and getting rid of your conditional actions. You could do something like:

Conditional Trigger
Motion Sensor 1 and 2 all active (only if Motion Sensor 3 is inactive)

Your on/off with delays

If you wanted Motion Sensor 3 to cancel the rule when it goes active, you just need to tweak it slightly:

Same as above
Motion Sensor 3 is active

If motion sensor 3 is active,
Cancel rule timers this rule
Your on/off actions

Overall, the biggest thing I see is probably defining your triggers better to minimize the nested conditional actions.

Thank you very much.