Where are simple instructions to migrate from Iris?

I can't find any basic instructions for migrating Iris 2nd gen devices to Hubitat. Can someone point me in the right direction? Z-Wave / Zigbee device discovery isn't finding anything.

I think I've mostly figured it on my own. Here are the steps I took, in case anyone else needs help:

1- I reconnected the Iris hub and logged into my account.
2- I used the Iris device menu to remove one sensor or switch from my Iris configuration.
3- I then used my Hubitat account to search for Z-Wave or Zigbee devices.
4- Hubitut found the device I had disconnected from Iris. I gave it the same device name I used on Iris and saved it.
5- I went back to step 2 and disconnected another device from Iris, etc.

I also figured out how to connect my Philips Hue light bulbs to Hubitat using the "Hue Bridge Integration" app.

A couple of my devices were Iris generation 1, and won't work with Hubitat.

Now, I am in the process of manually reconfiguring all of my lighting and security automation settings. It's taking a bit of trial and error, but it is slowly coming together.


Best way to do it,

I started from scratch with no hub experience. I read 'Latest' here for 2 weeks before I had a clue.

With the new Iris hub converts, one of the larger problems seems to have been version 1 Iris devices which will not work on HE.

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Instructions are here


One step that also may be needed is to reset the device to put it in pairing mode. Instructions are on the Iris site. You can find them by searching for "reset Iris (device)" and it will usually point you to the correct page where you can find the information.

+1 on Iris 1st gen devices not being supported (currently), but there is hope that those devices will also someday be able to connect once the information is open-sourced.

Yes, but that's only for Zigbee. Need to Exclude with Z-Wave or the device will keep looking for its old connection.