When will Hubitat fully support Ultraloq?

I bought a Ultraloq Zwave. The lock works great and through bluetooth the Ultraloq apps managed it. I bought Hubitat as it listed it supported Ultraloq but there isn't a specific apps and the functionality in the generic door lock is very basic. Please can we have a fully functioning app or better yet get the Ultraloq app to work through Hubitat.

Hubitat uses whatever functionality Ultraloq exposes via Z-Wave. Hint - the lock exposes different functionality via BT and Z-Wave.

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I bought the Z-Wave version of the Ultraloq Pro (fingerprint version) to work with Hubitat. I guess Hubitat can only use what Ubolt gives them, but it is extremely disappointing that even after all this time there is just a generic driver that only tells us if the lock is locked or not. It doesn’t even report if the door is open or not, even though the lock comes with a door sensor. I was hoping to do so much more like control lights depending on who opened the door and if they were coming or going by knowing how the door was unlocked, e.g. if by the pin code or fingerprint it was from the outside.

Are there any talks/negotiations with UBolt to expose more functionality to Hubitat? I have zero skill to write such a driver, but I know some users have done other great ones. Do we know if any user is working on an Ultraloq driver?

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Would think this would be doable with community apps and RM or Event Engine.

I use improved presence sensor (Android) which has a feature to show a person as arrived based on what lock code was used. I haven't done it but would think it should be possible. I do use presence (which is part of my presence solution) to activate certain lights at certain times, temps, colors, or brightness.

They never comment publicly about what discussions are taking place behind the scenes. But based on their demonstrated willingness to work with manufacturers, I suspect the hang-up is probably on Ubolts' side and what they're willing to expose.


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