When To Use Cloud Backup vs Local?

I've just recently gotten the cloud backup service and haven't used it to restore yet.

I have a hankering to do a soft reset and database restore to clear up my logs, just because I want to and have done it before using a local backup. The mesh is running okay.

I know the cloud includes radio information.

Am I taking any kind of risk by going with the cloud vs. local? Is it the same?

When is the appropriate time to go to a cloud restore?


You can do either but if you're not having a radio issue just do the local restore.


I did this a few months back. Used a local backup with soft reset and cleared the logs (full of old RMs that were deleted a long time ago). No hitches, worked perfectly.

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Just a hint... Soft Reset isn't a necessary step for what you plan... a Platform change a couple months ago does an automatic soft reset on any Restore.

Me, personally... my fingers are still trained to do a Soft Reset then a Restore... and I'm sure it has no ill effects.. but it's not completely necessary these days.

Yeah restoring to the previous day's backup is essentially a soft reset and restore.

Alas, you don't get the option to clear the past logs with the restore only method.
The soft reset method does give you that option.


I mean to be honest, for myself I couldn't care less. Any time I look at logs it's for the relevant information at that specific time frame something happened. That will be available. If older logs are in there, who cares. I mean one day those entries will be gone as the logs grow. Shrug

I've been changing device names. The new name sometimes doesn't get in there, it's still under the generic device name. Plus, it's a better look. :slight_smile:

Sharp Dressed Log? :wink:

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