When do required expressions run

all logging is on and is the same rule

No image actually posted.


Bruce is probably just seeing the same thing as me:

.. so click on the down arrow. You know, like when all your rules "disappear".


Indeed - my apologies... I've never seen that feature in the forum here.

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This should have been fixed in Have you updated?

what should have? As in what part was the issue in the end

i have updated.

The value logged could be wrong, or at least that's what it appeared to be. I couldn't get any failure out of it, but a small snippet of code was redone to remove any doubt about the value of the Required Expression when Update happens.

that would make sense as when I did a update earlier it was at least correct, so looks like you did correct it.

But I don't get a "required expression is now true or false" in the logs when i change the HV which would make it true or false. Instead i get what looks like the trigger getting scheduled even if the expression is true or false.
In this case it is the same HV im just using the date part as the expression and the time as the trigger.

OK, I missed this detail of what you're doing (can't say that I'm capable of paying that much attention when things are completely spelled out). Perhaps one day I'll look into this, but seriously?

I didn't exactly hide it :joy: the rule clearly shows it's the same variable.

I also mentioned before that I could now dump the expression because there is a option to use the date as part of the trigger. Not sure that was there when I originally created the rule quite a while ago. At that time it also worked perfectly. It was more recently I noted that on this and other rules (where I'm not using the same variable) where the expression was not getting evaluated it seemed.

This was just the most simple rule to keep a eye on and where I noticed the logs also didn't match up.

So again for testing purposes I have left it as it was to try and figure out if there is a issue and if it's still there. So what should I be seeing in the logs because from what I can see the rule is working correctly but I don't know if the logging is correct to what you think it should be?