When do logs get cleared out?

I've done a lot of experimentation with (now deleted) rules and apps that the log heading is so long I have to scroll down 2 pages to view the recent past logs. I really don't care about logs that are more than a day or two old.

Is there a way to clear out old logs or make them go away faster?

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You can do it through a soft reset but eventually they will go away on their own

I had excluded and included 17 devices to add S2 security. The result was a bunch of generic driver names at the bottom of past logs that made no sense unless you clicked on them. Plus, all the old ones up top that I no longer needed. They were hanging around without change at least a week.

Anyway, I did a local backup, hit soft reset which has a check box on it to get rid of all past logs, restored, and voila...no more past logs. I've done it twice already, lol.

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How dangerous is a soft reset? The C7 has been super reliable for me and I hate to "rock the boat" on something as trivial as excess logs.

It's safe. Download your current config. (settings>>backup and restore>>click download button at the bottom of page. )

Go to yourhubip:8081 and do the softreset. On reboot it will prompt you to restore. Pick the backup you downloaded to your PC. The added benefit is this will clear any possible corruption you might have in your database. Your radios will not be touched.


Does that imply the zigbee or zwave meshes are not affected?

Yes. Zigbee is kept in the database itself and the z-wave radio keeps it's own database but isn't reset during the soft reset process.


As I said, I did it twice and everything went smoothly. Then again, I live on the edge. (No, not really.)

Edges use batteries

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Thanks- I did the soft reset + restore and everything came back working 100%.

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