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Add Remote AccessAdd Hub Protect

Coming soon

Hub Protect

  • Cloud backup and restore.
  • Hub-to-hub Z-Wave migration.
  • Includes extended warranty.

Remote Access

  • Access your hub from anywhere.
  • Set rules, manage devices, and adjust settings.

Don’t know. Hub protection could be ok as a subscription service but not remote acces.

Interesting that they are addressing that remote configuration is a need and many don't want to setup VPN's into home networks to do this. I does cost money to setup "relay" services in the cloud so I understand the idea of subscription but I hope it's not expensive.


Why? It’s not currently possible to

from outside one’s LAN, unless one has setup their own VPN or something similar.

If they’re doing the work for the user, and there’s an ongoing cost associated with providing the service, which isn’t required for the hub’s core functionality (just manage the hub while you’re at home on the same LAN if you don’t want to pay), then why not charge for it?



To be clear, the remote access service is apparently targeted at those people who do not wish to setup their own method of remote access - like a vpn.


Like ME! :eyes:

I actually asked for something like this months ago when the Hub Protect service was first talked about. This is not a ground breaking idea, HomeSeer has had this as part of their paid service for years.


I am fine with them charging for remote access etc - servers cost $$$ and if they can bundle it with the restore service even better. Like you I run a VPN and don't really use remote access all that much anyway.

I can totally understand the irritation if something originally free now costs money though but even in that case** I would prefer HE, Inc stick around for a while and keep making great stuff.

** Note: this is NOT what HE is doing.. see posts below.


It’s not? But when I access my hub from my phones browser. Is’nt that what they mean when they say remote acces?

I don't have the Hubitat phone app, but this access isn't about accessing cloud dashboards.


Ok but through the phone app you can also adjust things and work on your hub just like you can do from your browser at home. As long as they dont start to demand money for this that is currently free of charge I’m okay with it...

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The services are for over the top features that currently are not available .. Nothing will change with what you are able to do now..


:grinning: That’s good neews!

In that case I, as others in this thead, give my thumbs up for this since it’ll give you guys more funds to use for further development and improvement. :+1:


Not really.

If you’re at home, you can access your hub’s admin interface by browsing to its local IP address. You can also open a local, or cloud dashboard link.

The admin interface (where you edit automations, pair new devices, etc.) and the dashboards are not the same thing, and that’s an important distinction you may not be aware of.

If you’re not at home, you can browse to a cloud dashboard link on your phone’s browser. You cannot access the admin interface or a local dashboard link. Unless you have rolled your own remote access solution like a VPN, so that your phone can browse to the hub’s local LAN IP address.

In other words, like @bcopeland said, they are offering a service for people that don’t currently remotely access all of their hub’s functions. They are not taking anything away if you want to continue using cloud dashboards while away from home.

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It sounds worthwhile as we will no longer have to answer all those questions about setting up a VPN.



At the moment you can't change settings, go into device pages or apps settings, you can only access dash boards remotely, use geofencing and a few other things. This new service will most likely add those functionalities.

Please add Remote Hub Mesh with new remote access!

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I’m aware of that yes. The funny thing is that I have been able to remotlely acces the admin interface from the app up until now....

I have been able to do this remotely from app until now.

not sure how that would be possible?

Can you elaborate on what you mean re: "admin interface?"


I highly doubt we are talking about the same thing, this has never been possible unless you are beta testing the service (if a beta test is in the works) without knowing you are?