When creating a basic rule, it takes a day to run

The situation...
Create a basic rule to start at 2000 hrs., but actually write the rule at 2100.
There are several "wait until"s that happen during the rule after it is written.
When the times come, the rule doesn't run the action.

Does the rule need to be started (triggered) first, even though there are several times in the rule that other things should happen?

Here is a partial screenshot of my rule that didn't run, even though I created it after sunset when the rule is supposed to start.:

Note that the rule starts 15 minutes before sunset but I created the rule before the event at 2200, but the rule did not run.

Yes, the wait is not scheduled until that particular action is reached.

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I realize that the action will not happen until the wait until, but after I had created the rule and saved it, when the wait until time had come, nothing happened.
Just to be clear, It was after sunset when I started to write the rule, but before the wait until time when I saved it.
To me, that meant that the rule was never started (triggered) by the -15 sunset, so the rule hadn't started and was not running.
It should have run if I had created and saved the rule BEFORE sunset?

SOOOOO the rule must be running before any of the waits are run (don't know if I made sense of it...sorry).

BTW... thanks for the fast reply!

I know that rule machine has the "run actions" button in it that, I assume, will actually start the rule, but basic rules does not have that option.... would be a nice feature!

One way to get around that, I think, would be to make a "when xxx is" action to trigger the rule with a virtual switch rather than what i want with time.

Only if you saved it before sunset-15 (not sunset itself), per the first action in your Basic Rule.

Yes, sorry, I did mean -15 minutes before sunset...
Thank You!
It should run tonight then!

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