What's up with Samsung products?

So a few weeks ago I bought a handful of the Samsung motion sensors and buttons for my mother-in-law's condo, and was so pleased I decided to lay in more for my own home. But for the last couple weeks neither product has been available anywhere. Anybody know what's going on with these products?

If I’m not mistaken, Samsung essentially exited the IoT hardware business.

It’s come up in a few threads recently.


They are moving hardware to partners, hopefully those partners will follow the specs/lead that Samsung started, their devices (at least the motion sensors and leak sensors) continue to work very well for me on HE.


That's true of the hub, the sensors were never manufactured by Samsung. Their recent devices have all been manufactured by Samjin.

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Wasn't aware of that, thanks.

The interesting part is that HW from Samjin (e.g., Leak Sensors) disappeared around the same time hub manufacture went to Aeotec. Seems like they may be moving HW dev to new partners, maybe Aeotec is also picking up the sensor work as part of their deal.

Oh, and Samjin was really a separate company? Sounds like "Sam" from Samsung w/an appended name. ALmost sounds like a partnership...

I can’t answer whether or not Samsung has an ownership stake, but they’re a well known Korean OEM hardware manufacturer.

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a-ha, this is why it was actually hard to find some new presence sensor/fobs recently! I had this feeling, seriously, and that's why I bought two, just for any future need. seems my gut feeling was spot-on!

Aeotec stuff seems good, I have a 6-way sensor that's worked OK. however, I do NOT like that they went all Z-Wave, nothing Zigbee.

I just got a door open/close sensor from Samsung, and already like it, very reliable.

That would be exactly the opposite of Samjin/Samsung battery operated motion sensors, water sensors, door sensors, etc., which were all Zigbee AFAIK.


Where'd you purchase it? I don't need any, but curious as their leak sensors "went away" a while back. I had ordered one on their site, showed in stock, but after weeks of nothing they sent me a "sorry, we don't have any" message and cancelled my order.

I got the fobs via shopping.google, though they actually came from BestBuy.

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