What's The Typical Response Time From "support@hubitat"?

Am I being unreasonable expecting to hear back before close of biz EDT on a ticket created at 10am EDT?

Maybe "same day" is just my dry cleaning?

Hear back as in acknowledgment they have received it? My last was definitely same day. Resolution? On day 5, no updates other than "it's with Engineering."

I wouldn’t expect same day response.

It depends on how busy they are, but I would give them at least a few days to respond.

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I got the automated ack with a case number, of course.... that was very quick, :wink:

Yeah I only mention it because I've see issues with spam filtering on both sides...

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Hi there, thank you for reaching out. Our normal response time for the first inquiry is within 24 hours, however, the urgency of the problem usually dictates the response time, so response time may vary.

Automatic response is generated minutes after we receive an email. In rare cases our server may block an email as spam. In that case it is best to try a different email address or reach out to us here in the community, if you didn't get a notification that a ticket was assigned.

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